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Avicenna Center of Medical Research, Avicemer, is a clinical research company that serves pharmaceutical, medical device companies and institutional & governmental medical research entities in several countries in the MENA region, Middle East and North Africa.


We can conduct clinical research projects by our privately-owned clinics, or by community hospitals or by our excellent network of academic and governmental hospitals.


Avicemer was founded by doctors and research staff from USA and several European countries. Although the first operation was formally set up in 2004, Avicemer doctors and staff have earlier experience in research at leading USA and European universities and medical centers.  


In 2017, the Company BOD decided to brand the Company after Avicenna and consolidated all regional operations in Gulf countries with North Africa and Middle East under one center.


Avicemer is a USA based from a legal point of view which facilitates and streamlines contractual and financial operations, but also have different legal presences in multiple locations in the MENA region

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