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History & Events


Avicemer launches the registration and commercialization of two critical medical devices in MENA in sleep apnea and the prevention of heart attacks.


Dubai, UAE

Company participate in Derma Dubai International Convention and launch new partnership for the development and commercialization of leading Dermatology products.


Company launches Cancer Research Consortium among leading cancer research centers and Universities in the MENA region. The consortium will be lead by a scientific committee from doctors at leading USA and European Universities and Medical Centers and who originated from the MENA region.


Avicemer and Asterand execute a master agreement for research collaboration to support The Cancer Genome Atlas (TCGA) project.


Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Arabio, ( one of the leading biopharmaceutical companies in MENA region executes an LOI for collaboration and co-development of biopharmaceutical products with Avicemer parent company, MPR.


Company in collaboration with several MOH’s in MENA and Gulf region to administer to distribution of Peramivir to treat H1N1 flu vaccine under emergency use and special process approval. The Company in collaboration with BioCryst Pharmaceutical Inc. and several regulatory agencies are making the drug available for the treatment of H1N1 during the flu season.


Company and  Yamamoto Co. launch a joint research and development project to expand the application and use of Hyperthermia in the treatment of several indications of cancer using an innovative medical device, Thermotron-RF8. Thermotron-RF8 is a clinical Hyperthermia system that uses 8 MHz RF waves.



Company expands early phases clinical studies capabilities to Morocco, expands to Algeria and appoints Dr. Karim Jamali as a regional director.


Dubai, UAE

Company launches 11 risk sharing clinical programs in affiliation with leading investment banks in Dubai and in coordination with USA pharma sponsors. The programs are in early and late phase developments for the treatment of AD, Diabetes, Heart Attack and PD.



Avicemer partners with Julphar Pharmaceutical Industries in UAE for the joint development of novel drugs.



Set up a subsidiary in Tunisia as a scientific office managing company’s business for drug developments and marketing and commercialization of medical products. The Company nominated Dr. Emna Kotran-Ayari as the director to lead subsidiary BOD.


Company co-sponsor Rabat Health & Clinical Research Conference sponsored by Morocco Ministry of Health. Company CEO and BOD director for CNS research are key note speakers.


Amman, Jordan

Avicemer sets up an operation in Amman Jordan and appoints Ms. Victoria Kamal, RN, BSN in charge of Middle East working committee. The operation will also oversee expansion of Company business to Lebanon.



Company sets up an operation in Turkey and appoints
Dr. Can Tuskin to lead setting up the operation in Turkey and lead a scientific committee from multi-disciplinary and multi-therapeutic areas.



Avicemer sets up a subsidiary in Morocco, opens an office and appoints Mr. Chraibi to lead subsidiary BOD.



Avicemer sets up an office in Cairo, appoints Dr. Hassen Taher Dorrah as lead of its Egypt operation.


Dubai, UAE

Avicemer sets up an office in Dubai.

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